CANBUS FENDT FenDias Massey Ferguson爱科诊断维修工具AGCO CAN USB维修手册零件目录查询 麦赛弗格森

CANBUS FENDT FenDias Massey Ferguson CAN USB interface for AGCO diagnostic Kit for AGCO SISU Power WinEEM4 repair tool

Supported languages:

English, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Swedish.


Dealer technicians can use electronic diagnostic tools (EDTs) to connect to specific machines that have a controller local Area network (can) bus as part of the electronic system architecture.

Computer aided analysis, EOL (down line) programming, diagnostics and documentation systems for FenDias-FENDT tractors. These on-site diagnostic programs help technicians accurately diagnose and quickly resolve technical issues, find the root cause and guide how best to resolve it.

WinEEM3 and WinEEM4 are simple tools for monitoring and adjusting SisuDiesel Electronic control Units (ECUs). The program can be used with EEM2, EEM3, and EEM4 ECUs. CAN bus for communication with ECU.

You can fully diagnose, program, and troubleshoot your current brand: